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Saint Aymes continues to be a beacon of beauty, inspiration, and well-being, offering transformative experiences that elevate the human spirit.  Saint Aymes Legacy unites our global community with uplifting resources and awe-inspiring events. Held in beautiful locations, our well-being retreats & events will ignite the spark of inspiration and personal elevation. Join us on this extraordinary journey and be the first to know about our global meet ups in stunning locations.

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Meet The Saint Aymes Legacy Family



As a Co-Founder of Saint Aymes, Michela is the manifestation expert, behind some of our biggest wins. Having refined and personalised proven techniques, she now empowers others to harness the power of intuition and co-creation to align with their true selves. As an artist, Michela blends positivity with design to curate uplifting events.



Nicole, a certified Kundalini Reiki Master, Life Coach, sacred energy activator, healer and mental health advocate possesses extensive expertise in crystals, therapy, Reiki, sound bowls, and transformative meditation techniques. Within the Saint Aymes Legacy community, she imparts spiritual well-being, leading members in healing, meditation, and yoga practices to enhance happiness and inner peace.

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Aymes- Wilson

As a Co-Founder of Saint Aymes, Lois is a motivational speaker, with appearances at TED X, The British Library, and The Mayor of London events. She doubles as a Life Coach, helping many boost confidence, find their passions, and pursue their true potential. Her love for interior design complements her talent for curating inspiring events and transformative experiences.

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